Interstate Municipal Gas Agency

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Education and Information

The IMGA is committed to providing member communities with the education and information resources they need to make informed decisions about their natural gas supply.  Through its Annual Meeting and other workshops, as well as through newsletters, a daily Evening Market Report, and other updates, IMGA members have access to a wealth of information.  And if ever they have a question that hasn't been covered, the answer is only a phone call away!

Held each April, the IMGA Annual Meeting brings together member communities with top natural gas industry experts from around the nation.  For the program from the 2016 Annual Meeting,
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Every Monday, IMGA issues a Fundamental and Technical Market Update with the latest perspectives on market fundamentals, technical trading factors, and market strategy.  For a a sample of the update,
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Each evening the market is open, IMGA members receive the IMGA Evening Market Report, a quick 2-page update covering the important information that was affected by that day's trading.  For a sample copy of the Evening Report,
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